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Wrong Pong Knockabout
Saturday 2nd July 2011, at the Greenway Centre in Sneinton, Nottingham.

Wrong Pong is very pleased to be part of the Sneinton Festival on Saturday 2nd July at the Greenway Centre in Sneinton, Nottingham. After the Sneinton Parade from 11am to midday, which starts at Green's Mill and ends at the Greenway Centre, Wrong Pong will begin at midday and continue until at least 6pm. We're hoping to be running three tables - Simple, Tricky, and Expert.

In a last-minute change we have decided to go with a more informal knockabout than the challenge of a tournament, as we are just one event among many at the festival. This allows people to drop by for a short while, play or watch a few games, and then move on to see the other attractions. International rankings will not be affected.

This will be a family and child-friendly event, with plenty of other events happening at the same time plus live bands and food. We hope you can make it.


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